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From Gemma

I can't recommend or praise Squiggles Nursery highly enough. Both my children have benefited enormously  from its caring, nurturing and stimulating environment. It has a wonderful small and friendly atmosphere with  fantastic staff that know, and understand, your child's individual needs. The creative play and tasks Squiggles  have undertaken with my children has been a superb early foundation before the transition to school.  It's lovely and reassuring to come home from work and be met with a child who doesn't want to come home yet  because they are so happy at Nursery...  Squiggles Day Nursery has a very friendly, relaxed and caring atmosphere.  Many of the staff have been at the nursery for a long time and it makes for  a family atmosphere. Low staff turnover demonstrates what a lovely place it  Must be to work, which in turn must have a very positive effect on the  Children. Each child is really treated as an individual and the nursery as  A whole has a very personal feel.  Learning through play is very important particularly in the early years and  judging by the pictures up around the nursery, the children obviously have a  Lot of fun whilst developing different skills at the same time. Our son  Brings his artwork home with a huge smile, and loves showing us the newest  Artwork and photos up on the walls of the nursery.  Clearly health and safety is taken very seriously at Squiggles. If there  are ever health issues, notices are put up advising parents and the key  a high priority without feeling as though children are being wrapped in  cotton wool. The meals at Squiggles Day Nursery are very well balanced and  healthy too – perfect for growing children.